About the Partnership

We were founded in 1995 to administer the Smart Start grant in Ashe County. Since that time we have expanded to include a domestic violence and sexual assault prevention and awareness program.  We have also enhanced our family support programs to offer more support to families with children.


Our mission is to build partnerships, provide educational programs, and connect people to resources.

Our vision is a strong, community where everyone can succeed.


Our Staff

Administrative Office
Phone: 336.982.4588 | Fax: 336.982.8860

Kim Barnes

Executive Director

Elizabeth Lane

Programs & Finance Specialist

Karen Adams

Programs & Clerical Assistant

Early Childhood and Education Program
Phone: 336.982.8870

Marilyn Agnew

Early Childhood & Education Consultant

Cindy McKiddy

Early Childhood & Education Technician

Child Care Health Consultation
Phone: 336.982.4588

Child Care Health Consultant

A Safe Home for Everyone
Phone: 336.982.8851 | Crisis Line: 336.246.5430

Jessica Peele

Housing & Resource Advocate

Lynn Blevins


Family Foundations
Phone: 336-982-4588

Brandy Lewis

Family Support Specialist

Robin Nethery

Family Support Specialist

Our Board of Directors
Partnership of Ashe is a private, nonprofit organization governed by a Board of Directors. Board members represent business and civic groups, churches, local government, health and human service agencies, parents and education and nonprofit organizations. They are all volunteers who contribute their expertise, professional resources and time to building a stronger future for Ashe County.  Professional staff assists the Board.


Julie Landry Board Chair/Retired
David Blackburn Vice Chair/Ashe Baptist Association
Jamie Little Co-Vice Chair / Ashe County Schools
Tracy Tullish Secretary/Ashe County Library
Donna Weaver Treasurer / Retired
Kayla Absher Generations Child Development Center
Dr.  Landon Allen New River Family Wellness
Courtney Benson Daymark
Kendra Blevins GE Aviation
Amanda Butalla NC Cooperative Extension Office
Tracie M. Downer / Angie Allen Ashe County Department of Social Services
Jeff Dreyer AEV
Joedy Eller LifeStore Bank
Jennifer Greene / Jessica Muldowney Appalachian District Health Department
Kitty Honeycutt Ashe County Chamber of Commerce
Pam Lather Retired
Laura McPherson Ashe County Library
Angie Osborne Grandparent
Our Committees. The Driving Force. 
Executive/Facilities Committee

Consists of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Past Chair and other appointed Board members

  • Has authority over the basic management of the Partnership
  • All actions taken are reported to the Board
  • Serves as the personnel committee
  • Oversee decisions made regarding the maintenance and operations of the Partnership office building and property


Oversight/Finance Committee

 Consists of Board Members who volunteer or are appointed and do not have a conflict of interest.


  • Oversees the Partnership’s financial management and the annual audit by the State Auditor’s Office
  • Reviews operating budgets
  • Reviews contracting and accounting policies and makes recommendations to the Board
  • Provides fiscal and programmatic oversight of Smart Start funds
  • Reviews budget amendments and all requests for funding and forwards recommendations to the Board
  • Annually reviews monitoring results of funded programs
Resource Development Committee

Consists of Board Members who volunteer or are appointed and have an interest in fundraising, grants and marketing efforts that will promote the Partnership and support the programs it operates.


  • Heads up and oversees fundraising efforts/events
  • Assists in seeking out and writing grants that will help fund programs and projects of the Partnership 
  • Oversees marketing efforts to promote the Partnership and its programs

Employment Opportunities

Any open positions will be posted on Indeed.  

Internships are available for academic credit or experience. The first step to becoming an intern is to contact Kim Barnes, Executive Director, to discuss the internship at executivedirector@ashechildren.org.  If your goals as a prospective intern match a program need, project, or initiative at the Partnership, you will be asked to complete an internship application and submit a resume and cover letter.  An interview will then be scheduled and if selected, you will be asked to complete a background check and drug screen prior to your first day with us as an intern.