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Family Foundations – Parents As Teachers Program

Be your child’s first and most important teacher!

Parents As Teachers is an nation-wide evidence based program that is designed to increase school readiness from an early age through personal visits.

Parenting is hard work, and without the right support, can be overwhelming. Whether a new parent or a “veteran parent”, we all want our children to be happy and successful; and that begins in the home. Our personal home visits are tailored to meet the needs of you and your child by providing fun, educational activities, information about their development, and a listening ear that can connect you to community resources as needed. Through increased awareness of your child’s development, you can spend more quality time with your child and less time dealing with stress and behavioral issues. All the while getting them ready for school.

Every family is different.  We work together to meet your family’s needs!


Group connections is another form of support provided by our Family Foundations program.
– Learn about health and wellness related topics
– Make new friends and form support systems with other parents.

Services can begin at any time between pregnancy and prior to your child entering Kindergarten.






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Our Family Support Specialist are Melissa Fowler and Heather Green

Give your child the healthy, happy start they need!
Let us support you and provide some extra tools to make your child’s first years the best they can be and set them up for success.