Art Support Group Ashe County NC

A Place for survivors of Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence to find healing and connect.

In a powerful union of art and healing, our supportive arts therapy group partners with domestic violence survivors every month, offering them a path to recovery through creative expression. We celebrate this partnership that stands as a beacon of hope and renewal.

Domestic violence survivors often bear the invisible scars of trauma, but through this collaboration, they find a voice in art. The canvas becomes a sanctuary, allowing survivors to share their stories, confront their pain, and rediscover their strength.

This partnership is more than just art; it’s a lifeline. Together, survivors form a community of understanding and encouragement, reminding each other that they are not defined by their past. Our supportive arts therapy group provides resources, guidance, and a safe space for survivors to reclaim their identities, rebuild their self-esteem, and reshape their futures.

In this empowering alliance, art becomes a catalyst for transformation, offering survivors a powerful means of self-expression and healing. It’s a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is light, and through art, survivors find their way back to themselves.

For More Information Contact A Safe Home for Everyone At:

(336) 982-8851 or call our 24-hr crisis line at (336) 246-5430

“It is so difficult to put the complexities of the trauma recovery process into words—artwork does this much better!” –Joan Turkus, M.D